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Family Court

Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo

Joseph Kevin Villagomez, Family Court Manager
Nikita E.M.Cabrera, Project Assistant 

The mission of the CNMI Family Court, as it is in other family courts across the nation, is to protect children and families when private and other public institutions are unable to or fail to meet these obligations.  The Family Court will protect society by correcting children who break the law by preserving and reforming families and by protecting children from abuse and neglect.  The Family Court recognizes that when the family falters, when the basic needs of children go unmet, when the behavior of the children is destructive and goes unchecked, the Family Court must respond.

Pursuant to Public Law 9-51, a Family Court Division (“FCD”) was established within the Superior Court of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  The Family Court Division will have primary jurisdiction over all family legal matters, including the following subject matter:
Change of Name
Child Abuse
Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation
Property Distribution Upon Divorce or Annulment

Court Forms for Family Court

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training
Guardianship and Guardianship at Litem
    (except in Probate Case)
Juvenile Delinquency
Temporary Restraining Order

Divorce Documents Checklist

Guardian Document Checklist

UCCJA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act)
URESA (Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act)
Civil Commitment (Involving family members only)
Criminal Domestic Violence

A family legal matter is a matter involving family members.  “Family members” include spouses, persons living as spouses, persons who formerly resided as spouses, parents, children and step-children, household members, or other persons related by blood, marriage, or customary affinity as brothers, sisters, children, spouses, or parents.
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