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Press Releases and Public Notices Re Guma' Hustisia Closure


Please see below official notices and press releases from the Judiciary regarding its operations schedule:

Press Release 03/21/2018
Press Release 03/23/2018
Press Release 03/26/2018
Press Release 03/29/2018
Press Release 04/12/2018

Public Notice 18-001
Public Notice 18-002
Public Notice 18-003
Public Notice 18-004
Public Notice 18-005
Public Notice 18-006

In the News


The following article was published by the Saipan Tribune on April 19, 2018:

Justice Building Closed for Over a Month Now

Judiciary Presents Strategic Plan for 2018-2022



The Judiciary recently revealed its Strategic Plan for 2018–2022. The Strategic Plan consists of a set of seven goals the Judiciary aims to accomplish over the next five years, with specific strategies    corresponding to the implementation of each goal.

The plan builds on the Judiciary’s previous Strategic Plan, which was released in 2009. Goals for the Strategic Plan include: providing  fair and timely case resolution, ensuring access to justice, developing and supporting specialty courts, improving technology and court data systems, building a professional workforce, promoting community engagement, and renovating the Guma’ Hustisia, Centron Hustisia Rota, and Kotten Tinian. The 2018–2022 Northern Mariana Islands Judiciary’s Strategic Planning Booklet can be found by clicking on the link below: 


Supreme Court Decisions


The Commonwealth Supreme Court issued the following decisions:

2018 MP 1: 2017-SCC-0014-CIV,
Commonwealth v. Bashar 

For a complete list of Supreme Court decisions, please visit the Law Revision Commission website at:

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